Seafood Blend

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Usage Ideas:
There are two types of seafood blends:
Organic chervill, organic dill, organic tarragon
Organic dill, organic parsley, organic chives
Both Seafood Blends are wonderful with all types of seafood. There are several ways to add them depending on how you are cooking your meal. If you are steaming the fish you can add the herbs to the water in which you are cooking it in. If you are frying the fish, add the herbs to the bread crumbs. You can also add the herbs to butter, which you can spread over the fish before cooking it or to sauces that are added to the fish before serving the dish.
You can add the Seafood Blends to sauteed shrimp and then serve them on top of salad or rice, to steamed mussels to give them an aromatic scent, or to fish filets before broiling them.
Another delicious way to eat seafood is roasting it. You can add the Seafood Blend before roasting the fish fillets or the shell fishes along with some lemon drops to make it even more tastier.