See Recipes with Lovage

Storage Tips: The best way to store fresh lovage is to place it in an ice cube tray, cover it with water and then put the tray in the refrigerator. This way, it can last up to five months. If you want to store dry lovage, hang it upside down in a dark warm place until it is completely dry.

Usage Ideas: The most common way to use lovage is to chop it and add it fresh to salads or sandwiches. It is specially tasty mixed with tomato.
If cooked, some people use lovage to give their meal a kind of celery taste and others a flavour similar to the one they get using maggi sauce. Either way, add lovage at the last minute of your cooking in order to maintain the flavor of the herb. Keep in mind that the stalk retains the flavour longer than the leaves.  Cooked lovage is great with seafood and also when used in puree or other potato recipes.
You can also use fresh lovage as decoration or dry one in herbal teas.

Fun Facts: Lovage is also known as love root. It is original from Europe and Southern Asia. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to chew lovage seeds to help digestion.