Hot Peppers

Soon recipes with hot peppers

Storage tips: Hot peppers are very easy to store, wash them and place them dry over a papel towel in a place with good ventilation. They are to be stored same way as tomatoes or peppers.

Usage Tips: They are great for dips, relish or salsas and ofcourse do not forget them when trying Mexican or Asian food recipes.

Fun Facts: the “heat” of hot peppers is measured by the Scoville Scale or (Scoville Heat Units SHU) the higher in the scale the hotter the pepper, and as for example the habanero is 350.000 SHU, Jalapeño 8.000 SHU, Cubanel 1.000 SHU, long Hot 1.000 SHU, Anaheim 2.500 SHU and Serrano 23.000 SHU.

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