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Storage Tips: There are different methods to store ginger. If the root is not peeled yet it can be placed in a plastic bag with no air in the refrigerator, but if it has been cut or peeled it is better to wrap it in a paper towel before storing it.
Usage Ideas: Although ginger is commonly known as a spice that is  added to different types of food like vegetables, soups, sushi or fish, it can also be used in a variety of different meals. Fresh ginger can be used with a little bit of honey for hot tea and  it can be added to sweet treats like pumpkin pie or cupcakes.
Fun Facts: Ginger originated in Southeast Asia, but has been used by different cultures all over the world. It was introduced to the Romans from India and became very popular in Europe during Medieval Times.
Almost two thirds of all traditional Japanese and Chinese herbal formulas have this root, because of its many benefits like for example: alleviating menstrual cramps, relieving muscle aches and pain, reducing fever, calming coughing and respiratory troubles, among others.