See Recipes With Endives

Storage Tips:  Stored in the refrigerator, endives in a plastic bag can last up to a week if they haven´t been cut. After cooking them, endives can be kept in the refrigerator only up to two days.
Usage Ideas: Before using endives, wash them in cold water and remove damaged leaves. Fresh endives are great in salads and soups, but they can also be baked, sauteed, steamed or grilled.
Endives can also be used as spoons or wraps if filled with dips, cheese, chicken, among others. You can also use them to replace lettuce on sandwiches or burgers.
Fun Facts: Endives were first eaten in Belgium in the nineteenth century, now they are very popular all over the world due to their particular taste and because they are one of the vegetables with less calories.
It is believed that eating endives helps keep you hair clean and makes teeth and other bones stronger.