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  Product: Holiday Turkey Blend

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Usage Ideas:

Rosemary, Thyme, Sage

Use this herb blend in a rub, brine, or marinade for your favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipes. Try making an herb butter to run over the outside of the whole turkey before roasting: Combine 1 cup chopped herbs with 2 sticks softened butter and season with salt and pepper before rubbing all over the turkey.

For added flavor and aroma, stuffing the inside of the turkey with a bunch of this herb blend before cooking.

For an herbed turkey gravy, add 2 Tbsp chopped herb mix to homemade or store  bought gravy during cooking.

Use these herbs in your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes. Try adding chopped rosemary to green bean casserole, chopped sage to roasted sweet potatoes, or chopped thyme to homemade biscuits or dinner rolls.

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